I write historical fiction, with women at the center.

Works in Progress

I have one completed work set in Georgian England and Wales and inspired by my 8th great-grandmother, one of the early female botanists. I am currently seeking representation.

Other works in progress:

Historical suspense set in Elizabethan England (beta reading phase)

Dual timeline during World War 2 and Elizabethan England in Guernsey (drafting phase)

Women pirates in the 18th century (drafting phase)

Cold War suspense set in 1960s Glasgow (drafting phase)

Early female detective in 1910s New York City (drafting phase)

Short Stories

I write short stories in the historical fantasy genre, typically with a mythological component.

Night of the Big Wind: May 2021, Reedsy Weekly Prompt (Celtic mythology set during a massive historical storm in Ireland, 1839)

The Selkies’ Welcome: August 2021, Reedsy Weekly Prompt (Norse and Celtic mythology set during 8th century Viking age)

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